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n the absence of Live Bands, the DJ has a crucial role in the success of events. It’s his responsibility to inspire the participants. If today many think that Djing is something that can be improvised, they often proved to be mistaken and the guests satisfaction is not always at the rendezvous.

So according to you how to be a good swing DJ?

DJ Swing Banger provides the following answer to this puzzle:

  • A good DJ always put the audience first. He adapts to the crowd and tries his best to make your event unforgettable!


  • For the dancers, he makes irresistible the call of the dancefloor... and give them a hard time when they intend to leave. For this, he has a bunch of safe winners tracks that consistently win membership.


  • A good DJ is above all a good strategist. He masters the ordering of his tracks to appeal to the largest number.


  • He understands the constraints of the dancers and knows how to make their life easier: music speed, duration, musical structures etc.